"Education is the movement from darkness to light. (Allan Bloom)"

Language Training Centre


Mastering foreign languages has become the biggest need in the globalization era. Therefore, UKDW established a center for foreign language training (PPBA) that is responsible for training UKDW’s students and staff. UKDW graduates are expected to be able to compete both in local and international circumstances. One of the requirements to succeed in the global marketplace is to master foreign languages and PPBA was established in order to fulfill the need of mastering foreign languages.





The Center for Foreign Language Training (PPBA) aims to be the right place for fostering the community of UKDW to master foreign languages in support of UKDW’s vision, to be an excellent Christian University that produces highly independent and professional graduates for the pluralistic world fortified by love.

  1. Manages English language training for UKDW students through Introduction to College English Program and English for Specific Purposes.
  2. Trains UKDW lecturers and staff based on special needs.
  3. Runs other programs for non-UKDW community (private courses, cultural events).
  4. Runs non-English language training (Mandarin, Korean)
  5. Continually maintains the quality and services of the programs, as well as the quality of the teachers.

Unit Services

One of the main services run by PPBA is the Introduction to College English Program (ICE). This is a compulsory non-credit program for all UKDW students (except for Theology Faculty that has their own remedial program for enhancing the students’ English skill). 

Besides managing ICE and Remedial programs, today PPBA also administers other training programs open to the public such as General English, English for Specific Purposes, English for Academic Purposes, Mandarin courses, Korean courses, and Drop-in English.

Organizational Structure



No. Name Position
1. Andreas Winardi, M.A.
2. F. Endang L., S.Pd., M.Hum
Staff/English Lecturer

Paulus Widiatmoko, M.A.


Staff/English Lecturer
4. Dra. Mega Wati, M.Pd.
Staff/English Lecturer

Arida Susyetina, M.A.                         arida@staff.ukdw.ac.id

Staff/English Lecturer
6. Kurniasih Pinasti
Administrative Staff
7. Agnes Ambar Yuliani
Administrative Staff