This year, the 2016 Batch of the English Education Department (EED) got a course named Data Analysis class. It is elective based on the EED curriculum. The students, however, admit that the contents they learn in this course make it obligatory, so they have to take it. This course was made because the EED combined several other elective courses: Statistic for ELT Research, Corpus Studies, Case Studies in English Language Teaching (ELT), and Classroom Action Research, into one.

Data analysis course aims to facilitate the students to have hands-on experience on analyzing various data they gather themselves. This course consists of sixteen meetings and the students will learn three research methods: conducting interview, doing observation, and distributing questionnaires. The scoring points include the progress that the students have made, not only the final results of their works. The lecturer, Adaninggar Septi Subekti, M.Sc., gives the task in stages, for example, in the first five week of the course, the students have to finish the interview method. The lecturer asks the students to have research questions to be answered through interviews, to do the interviews, to transcribe the results of the interviews, to translate the scripts, and to conduct thematic analysis on the interview scripts. The task given in step-by-step stages enables the lecturer know the students’ progress in each stage, not only the final results of the works.

In this class, the students will also have two guest lectures in two weeks in a row during the mid-term weeks. The first guest lecture will be about Research and Development (R&D), while the second week will be about Corpus-based Study. “This course is very useful for my future because we need to analyze data for our thesis,” said Ira, one of the students taking the class. “For me, this course is quite stressful, but is fun. I can learn [how to actually conduct] the research methods in this course that I will apply in analyzing data for my thesis,” Jeanne, another student, commented. [Lifia Alex Sandra]