Scranton Women’s Leadership Center (SWLC) and Ewha University of South Korea are conducting Scranton-Ewha Leadership Program (SELP) on July 22-28, 2019. SWLC has been organizing leadership program, namely Scranton Scholar’s Leadership Program (SSLP) annually since 2016 to support “Scranton Scholars” in their leadership development. Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW) should be proud to successfully send its representatives for  SSLP these past three years. This year the name of the program changes to SELP as SWLC joins hand with Ewha University in this event. Ewha University is a private university founded in 1886 by Mrs. Mary F. Scranton, whose name is bore as the name of the scholarship. Located in Seoul, it is currently the largest women’ university in the world and considered as one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea.

SWLC is committed to empowering women through education so that they may contribute to the advancement of their communities and to the world. SELP will be a place for these young women to meet inspiring leaders from around the world, build their international networking, as well as exchange experiences and ideas about the issues and challenges faced by their communities. Scranton Scholar in third and fourth year of their Undergraduate studies, Graduate studies, as well as those in professional work (who have graduated in 2014 or later)  are eligible to apply for this program. Full scholarships including program fee, airfare, visa, accommodation, visa, and local transport are awarded to the successful candidates.

After a tough competition in the selection process, SWLC has finally announce the result in early April. Hulda Natasya Rachmadi, fourth year student of UKDW majoring in Biology has been selected as one of SELP participants. “I tried my best to prepare the essay and the other requirements. I found the essay questions were quite ‘heavy’, so when I received the announcement, half of me couldn’t believe it. I was happy and surprised at the same time. I’m so grateful to be accepted in this program, it’s a wonderful gift from God!” she said. SELP will be attended by participants from eleven countries, i.e. Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, and Vietnam. This one-week program comprises workshops, lectures, exploring cultural and historical sites around the capital city of Seoul, and sharing about the cultures of the country each participant represents. “I am so excited to share and discuss about gender equality and women leadership as well as other issues in our community,” Natasya added. For UKDW students who have a dream to join international program abroad, she encourages them to actively search for information and opportunities. For those who have tried and have not succeeded yet she said, “Don’t give up! It’s your chance to ‘upgrade’ yourself. Turn your big dream into reality by giving your best effort and never stop to aim higher.” [drr]