The  English Language Education Department (ELED) of UKDW is now accredited B by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Institution (BAN PT)! This good news was delivered  on the 9th of April 2019 through the certification number 842/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/IV/2019 and through their website on   

Our first accreditation was memorable. Not only because it was our first, but also because we experienced the least possible, a miracle—we can say. Our three-year-old ELED has not got any graduates, and therefore it is very likely that it will be C-accedited. However, since the beginning, the Rectors had showed their confidence that we could have a B. And so, spurred by hoping for the best we could achieve, we worked really-extra hard!  

Last March we had the assessment visit by 2 BAN PT assessors—Dr. Nihta Liando,M.A from Universitas Negeri Manado and Prof. Drs. Burhanuddin Arafah, M.Hm., Ph.D from Universitas Hasanuddin Makasar. Putri, an ELED student who assisted us in providing the supporting documents in the room where the assessment was held shared her observation that the situation of the meeting was very hectic; the assessors’ demands made her feel pessimistic about the result and this worried her, as she would be graduating next year. Will I graduate from a B-accedited ELED or a C? That was her secret wondering in her mind. She also remembered when Prof Burhan said “It is such a history for a new major that hasn’t got any graduates to get B in the first accreditation”. Now that all has passed, she said with glee that “We made that history!”.

Another overwhelming experience was the incredible support and help we all received, which at first sight looked like coincidences. It was a coincidence that we have InQA (the Institution Quality Assurance) in UKDW that supports us with guidelines. It was a coincidence that the Information Sytem Department had just had the accreditation so we could learn from them. It was a coincidence that one of our Rectors is an assessor of BAN PT so he could provide us with internal reviews. And on the list went. But “As we looked back, we humbly had to admit that those were not coincidences. We recognized those were all God’s guidance and support” stated Anesti Budi Ermerawati, M.Hum—one of ELED lecturers. Therefore, we knelt before Him in a thanksgiving service on Wednesday, the 24th of April 2019  in which we gave ourselves several things: time to embrace the abundant joy and blessing, opportunity to appreciate one another and other people who have been God’s wonderful agents to make things happen, and the most important thing: a moment to be thankful to God. There is no better way in expressing all this miraculous experience, except through a poem written so beautifully by Ignatius Tri Endarto, M.A below:

Three Lessons Learned from Accreditation: A Slam Poem

If there are three lessons we can single out from accreditation,

they’re definitely “God”, “grace”, and “friends”

Lessons one and two: “God” and “grace”

Just like the rising sun, never fails to greet the land

So does the grace of God, never fails to lead our stance

Standing strong as our heaping helping of hope

He embraced tragedy so we could live in His majesty

I know nothing is impossible,

and yet without God

is anything possible?

I know nothing is perfect,

but with God

where’s imperfection?

Lesson three: “friends”

Just like a long marathon,

it’s certainly never meant to be fought alone

but with teammates to lean on,

and all of you

our friends and family

our shoulders to cry on

our reasons to go on..


Just like Avengers: Endgame,

though we’ll all eventually turn to dust

this all shall not in vain passed

as our friendships will forever last..