The English Language Education Department (ELED) for the first time sent its three representatives named Jeane Theresia Limeranto, Ira Luik, and Sarfita Br Sitepu to present their research papers at the 7th undergraduate conference in Universitas Sanata Dharma (USD) on 11 May, 2019. They are students from batch 2016. This event was held in Driyarkara Seminar Room of USD. With the theme “Approaches Media Practices”, this conference was successfully involved 11 universities around the Special Province of Yogyakarta and Java to participate in this big event.

As the opening ceremony, it was officially opened by the MC and continued to the speech from the chairperson of the UC 2019 committee. Then, it was followed by the representative of dinas pendidikan speech. Without any further, it was the session for the first plenary speaker, Iwan Syahril P.hD from Sampoerna University. His speech was about Ki Hajar Dewantara’s philosophy of education and the relation with Education 4.0 and Society 5.0. The second plenary speaker was Caecilia Tutyandri S.Pd., M.Pd., who is one of the lecturers in USD. She shared a lot about her research of a study on pre-service teachers’ initial motivation and their sense of preparedness for teaching.

After all of the opening section, it was moved to the participants’ turn in delivering their speech. Sarfita, one of the presenters of ELED delivered her presentation in the first parallel session. Her title was “Students’ Motivation in Reading Comprehension Activity Using SQ3R Reading Method”. She was nervous at first because that was her first conference, especially to present her own research paper. “But luckily, I could cope with my nervousness and pass this conference well”, said Sarfita.

Having presented first parallel turn, it was continued to the second parallel session. Two presenters of ELED; Jeane and Ira had to present the paper at the same time, but in different room. The presentation was under the title “The use of Kahoot! Game to improve EFL learners’ vocabulary” was completely delivered by Ira. She acknowledged that, having such experience is great for her future. “Even though I was the only one presenting in the room, I did not find it too nervous because I have prepared my paper and presentation well. I have also been through many presentations in the classrooms and public. So, it was not the serious problem for me to present my own research paper in this conference”, she added.

As well as Ira, Jeane presented her paper “Investigating the Relationship between Foreign Language Reading Anxiety and L2 Achievement: ESP for Theology Students Case at Duta Wacana Christian University” successfully. She admitted that being a presenter for the first time was challenging because she had to present her topic in front of strange people but she did it well. “It was a bit problem for me when there were 3 people asked about my research paper, then, I felt so nervous to answer those questions. But I tried my best to answer it based on my experiences. I was just doing fine, so everything went well”, said Jeane after the conference.

The first and second parallel sessions were doing so well. All of the presenters could deliver their presentations based on the allocated time. Afterward, the third plenary speaker took her turn to share her thoughts about the six principles of teaching. She was Ami Griffin, MA., one of the lecturers in Universitas Sunan Kalijaga. Overall, the 6 principle in language teaching are important to be applied in the classroom. As the closing remark of the conference, the MC did some small door prizes and closed the event with praying together. Shortly, the three presenters added that “Hopefully, in the future, many students from ELED UKDW have willingness to explore more and be confident in making their own research paper because someone once said “There must be a first try in everyone’s life”. Like the three presenters who actively participated in this conference for the first time. It may be difficult at first, but it is proved that they really enjoy it. (Ira Luik, Sarfita, Jeane).