Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW) in collaboration with Hanseo University, South Korea conducted Hanseo Global Leadership Program in Indonesia (HGLPI) on July 22 – 24, 2019. The joint program between UKDW and Hanseo University is organized regularly twice a year – around January and July. This program aims to give opportunity for Hanseo University students as well as UKDW students to learn about leadership through discussion, interaction with other students from different countries and cultural backgrounds, and volunteering activities that involve the students with the local communities. A group of twelve Hanseo University students led by Prof. Baek Kyung Hwa and Prof. Kwon Oh Hyeongarrived in UKDW Babadan Dormitory on July 21 and were welcomed by the team from the Office of International Affairs of UKDW. Prof. Baek is the newly appointed Dean of Student Affairs of Hanseo University.

The HGLPI consisted of three main activities, which are Global Presentation and Cultural Performance, Community Service, and Cultural Exposure. As the start of the program, Global Presentation and Cultural Performance was conducted at Rev. Harun Seminar Room UKDW on July 22, 2019. The event was attended by around 50 people including HGLPI participants from Hanseo University as well as UKDW students, lecturers, and staff members. Dr. CharisAmarantini, M.Si. as the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Research, and innovation, officially opened this event. Welcoming the participants from Hanseo University, she expressed her appreciation for the partnership between UKDW and Hanseo University and hope that the collaboration between the two institutions will grow and be fruitful. 

In the Global Presentation and Cultural Performance, UKDW and Hanseo University send their representatives to share their ideas and insights about global leadership. UKDW representatives were YudhistiraAudriPranata and Kevin Valiant, both from the Department of Informatics.  Previously, these two students participated in the 2019 Hanseo Global Leadership Camp in South Korea, so in this occasion, they also shared their experience in joining international program abroad. Meanwhile, the representatives from Hanseo University shared about leadership, understanding, and development. The presentation and discussion were followed by cultural performances. Hanseo University students performed taekwondo moves and K-pop dance, then as the closure was the performance from Duta Voice of UKDW singing Indonesian traditional songs.

Continuing the agenda, the participants were divided into six groups and took part in a scavenger hunt activity. They got 30 minutes to finish the task given to them, and post the picture on Instagram. The participants were enthusiastic about joining this activity since it gave a chance for students from Hanseo University and UKDW to interact with each other in a friendly atmosphere. By the end of the session, the group with the best picture was named as the winner.

Following the Global Presentation and Cultural Performance, HGLPI participants attended a session for Community Service preparation. The session was delivered by AridaSusyetina, S.S., M.A., who serves as the Director of the Office of Partnerships and Public Relations. This session gave information about the location of the community service, introduction to PadepokanTjiptaBoedaja and SD NegeriSumber as the service place, and the activities that would be conducted there. In this session, participants from Hanseo University also learned a little about Indonesian language, so they can greet the local people when doing the community service.

The Community Service was conducted on July 23, 2019. Arriving at PadepokanTjiptaBoedaja, HGLPI participants were welcome with a Javanese procession. PadepokanTjiptaBoedaja is an art community located in TutupNgisor Village, Magelang, Central Java. In the opening of Community Service, the Head of PadepokanTjiptaBoedaja, SitrasAnjelin welcomed the participants and briefly share about the history of this art community. “I hope that through the activities in this place, you can learn more about Indonesia, and we are also happy to know more about Korea,” Sitras said.

SD NegeriSumber is located not far from PadepokanTjiptaBoedaja. In this elementary school, HGLPI participants were interacting with the students and doing coloring activities together. Through this community service, HGLPI participants can understand more about the issues and problems faced by the community, especially in the education area, and learn to give contribution to society. In PadepokanTjiptaBoedaja, participants also got the chance to experience Javanese culture through dance and gamelan.

HGLPI was conclude with Cultural Exposure to Kotagede and Malioboro. The participants were divided into five groups with each group consist of Hanseo University and UKDW students, to explore the areas.

UKDW’s Office of International Affairs as the organizer of this program arranged the activities to provide the room for students to discuss and exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences, so that the participants from both UKDW and Hanseo University can broaden their perspective to the world. The exposure they get by joining this program can also develop their communication skills while overcoming the language barrier. Last but not least, it also is a chance to build a network of friends from different parts of the world. [drr]