Student Association of Management Department (HMPSM) of Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW) distributed free food and staple food package to underprivileged amid coronavirus pandemic.

In this program, HMPSM UKDW joined hands with alumni of the Faculty of Business (formerly Faculty of Economics) and Yogyakarta Service Learning Community (Komunitas KKN Jogja).

The first action on April 25, 2020, distributed free meals to pedicab drivers, trash pickers, and those in need around Jl. Letkol Subadri intersection and Beringharjo traditional market.

The second action was conducted on May 5, 2020, targeting students and residents around UKDW, who were most affected by the pandemic. A week prior to the distribution, a survey was conducted to collect data regarding those who were eligible to receive the package.