Picture source: Warta Jogja

Picture source: Dinas Pariwisata Kota Yogyakarta

A lecturer of the Product Design Department of Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW), Kristian Oentoro, S.Ds., M.Ds., was appointed as one of the members of policymaker element of the Tourism Promotion Board of Yogyakarta (BP2KY) 2020-2024. The ceremony took place at Graha Pandawa, Yogyakarta City Hall on June 10, 2020. 

The policymaker elements of BP2KY consists of academic, business association, and professional associations representatives, as well as tourism practitioners in Yogyakarta. Kristian Oentoro who is currently serving as head of the Product Design Department of UKDW represents the academic element. The line up of BP2KY was appointed by the Mayor of Yogyakarta Drs. H. Haryadi Suyuti, and will serve from 2020 to 2024.

According to the mayor, BP2KY is partnering with the government in the effort of promoting and accelerating the tourism industry in Yogyakarta. 

The head of BP2KY Aldi Fadhlil Diyanto pointed out that in this current circumstance, the tourism industry players need to understand and put health protocol at utmost priority as we are entering the new normal. People’s awareness concerning this health protocol holds an important role to restore the economy. “The role of academics in tourism development is also needed by conducting innovative and applicable research that can be employed by the tourism industry,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kristian Oentoro urges the academic community to actively contribute to the tourism industry through research and community empowerment in Yogyakarta. “Tourism is one of the important aspects for the people in Yogyakarta city. Hence, a good collaboration from different elements is needed for branding and promoting the tourism of Yogyakarta, especially post COVID-19 Pandemic,” he concluded. (FAD/Oentoro)