Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW) Ypgyakarta in collaboration with Universitas Dhyana Pura Bali and Universitas Proklamasi 45 Yogyakarta will be holding:

2021 Online Fall Program: “Visual Ethnography”

November 1-29, 2021

Program Introduction

Recent studies on the Millennial’s preference and behavior show that they tend to spend at least 11 hours a week for an online video services and 7 hours a week for Social Media. They learn more easily from these ‘new’ media that show strong characteristic of visualization. In any case, they prefer creating visual information and upload it to these media for fun.

To facilitate the Millennial’s preference into a constructive learning process in an international level, a Fall Program taking topic on the Visual Ethnography will be organized for our students who belong to the millennial generation. Visual Ethnography is a research method that blends “theory and practice of visual approaches to learning and knowing about the world and communicating this to others”.  It will be an interesting topic of discussion and insight exchange for students from different countries when they observe different customs and ways of life.  It is possible also that students learn the applicability of visual ethnography into modern life aspects such as in designing games and Apps or improving a teaching-learning process.

This program will provide opportunity for students a chance to be involved in an intercultural environment of learning and work together in an international environment, to give insights on capturing their own customs and ways of life in a methodological and structured way, stimulate student creativity in depicting their customs and ways of life, as well as to harness student skill in solving the problem of remote collaboration & communication.

The program will be held online in November 2021 with seven online sessions of theories, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and presentations. Students coming from different countries and universities will be grouped and assigned a project relating to Visual Ethnography. Under the supervision, the groups are free to choose the topic in their project. The discussion and the implementation on this collaborative project within the group are held outside the seven online sessions mentioned earlier.  They have freedom to decide the topic of their own projects as long as they are still in the area of Visual Ethnography.

Depending on the university and specifically department policy, this program is designed to be equal to 2-3 credits and can be transferred as a Liberal Arts subject.

Course Contents & Schedule

Nov 1, 2021 (14.00 – 15.30 GMT+7) : Opening Ceremony, briefing, group allocation, assignment

Asynchronous Session:

  1. Introduction to Visual Ethnography (VE)
  2. Doing VE: Methods and Techniques
  3. VE Application in Designing Games and Apps
  4. VE Applications in  Product Design
  5. Pecha Kucha Presentation
  6. VE in Journalism & Social Media
  7. tutorial on the use of video editing tool

Nov 5, 2021 (14.00 – 15.30 GMT+7)   : FGD: Topic of Group Project & Observation Plan

Nov 12, 2021 (14.00 – 15.30 GMT+7) : FGD:  Progress on Group Project

Nov 19, 2021 (14.00 – 15.30 GMT+7) : FGD:  Project Collaboration, Progress on Group Project

Nov 26, 2021 (14.00 – 17.00 GMT+7) : Project Presentation

Nov 29, 2021 (14.00 – 15.00 GMT+7) : Closing Ceremony

Download Program Flyer here.

Registration for International Students

To apply for this program, click bit.ly/registerVE2021 by October 8, 2021.
The successful applicants will be notified on October 13, 2021

Contact Information

Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana : oia@staff.ukdw.ac.id
Universitas Dhyana Pura : internationaloffice@undhirabali.ac.id 
Universitas Proklamasi 45 : putriana@up45.ac.id