Dr. Singgih Santoso is a lecture in the Faculty of Business of Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW) Yogyakarta. He was named international scientist by Alper-Doger (AD) Scientific Index and ranked number one in Indonesia in the field of Business Management.

AD Scientific Index is a study created by two scientists in the medical field, Alper and Doger, which show the total and productivity coefficient of publication performance in the last five years of scientists around the globe. The index calculation was based on i-index, H-index, and Google Scholar citation.

Dr. Singgih Santoso is currently serving as the Director of Master of Management Program – Faculty of Business UKDW. He has written a number of books, most of them were published by Gramedia. Many of his books are used as reference by researchers and writers.

Dr. Singgih Santoso’s achievement shows that the quality of private higher education is not fall behind public higher education. Several lectures from top public universities in Indonesia were also sitting on the rank in the AD Scientific Index 2022.

For the Faculty of Business UKDW, this achievement adds as a source of motivation to elevate the quality of teaching, research, and community service.