God has blessed Indonesia with diversity, unique social dynamics, abundant natural wealth, deep religiosity, and extraordinary potential in human resources. It is incumbent upon all Indonesians to take pride and express gratitude for harnessing these blessings to enhance the well-being of Indonesian society. Democracy, as one of these blessings, guarantees a refined freedom of expression and should instill joy during the democratic celebrations for the people and the nation of Indonesia.

In response to the prevailing political climate and ongoing democratic events, and in alignment with the values of Duta Wacana, including obedience to God, walking in integrity, striving for excellence, and service to the world, the academic community of UKDW asserts:

1. Guided by the principle of obedience to God, we view elections as a manifestation of accountability rooted in the religious faith of the Indonesian nation. This marks a moment when the Indonesian people, free from intimidation by any party, autonomously choose the leaders and representatives for the forthcoming period.

2. Adhering to the principle of walking in integrity, we vehemently oppose all forms of hypocrisy, violence, and coercion that contravene ethics, undermine human values, and infringe upon freedom. Such actions are incongruent with the reformist spirit of our nation.

3. Upholding the principle of striving for excellence, we urge the government to embrace all citizens inclusively without discrimination to forestall polarization and divisions that could jeopardize the harmony of the nation.

4. In accordance with the principle of service to the world, we call upon the president, vice president, and elected members of the legislative body to maintain ethical conduct in serving all segments of society, striving for justice, shared prosperity, and the enduring well-being of the Indonesian nation.

This statement is issued by the academic community of UKDW, with a prayer that the Almighty God continues to safeguard and accompany Indonesia and bestows capable leaders to guide the nation towards further civilization and progress. [humasukdw/Eng.drr]