Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW) in Yogyakarta hosted a pivotal curriculum development orientation event, introducing the Guidelines for Developing KKNI-Oriented Curriculum with an Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Approach. Organized by the Institute of Academic Development and Learning Innovation (LPAIP), the event unfolded at the Rev. Dr. Harun Seminar Room on February 19, 2024.

The gathering included the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Research, Deans, Vice-Deans for Academic Affairs and Research, Heads of Study Programs, Curriculum Teams for each Department, Coordinator of the Center for Humanities (MKH), and the Head of Language Training Center (PPB). Their collective presence underscored the university’s unwavering commitment to enhancing and improving the quality of education.

This guideline book is the outcome of the AdHoc OBE Team Period 1, established on July 1, 2023, and the AdHoc OBE Team Period 2, formed on November 14, 2023, with Dr. Rosa Delima overseeing; Dr. Fransisca Endang Lestariningsih serving as the Chair, and Lukas Chrisantyo A A., S.Kom., M. Eng. as the Secretary. The ad hoc team comprises members from diverse disciplines and professional backgrounds, including Rev. Dr. Wahju Satria Wibowo; Antonius Rachmat C., S.Kom. M.Cs.; Dr. Gloria Virginia; and Kristian Oentoro, S.Ds. M.Ds.; Lemmuela Alvita Kurniawati, M.Hum.; dr. Ida Ayu Triastuti, MHPE; Elok Pakaryaningsih, S.E., M.Si.; and Aristarkhus Dwiki Darmawan, S.Kom.

In her speech, Dr. Rosa Delima underscored the university’s comprehensive commitment to adopting the OBE approach. “We have collaborated with Puspindika and LPAIP to integrate OBE features into the eClass and eRPS systems; by the academic year 2025/2026, all programs are expected to implement OBE,” she explained, elucidating the specific steps UKDW will take to apply OBE across all its study programs.

The compiled guideline book aims to be a practical reference for program managers, lecturers, and relevant stakeholders involved in designing, implementing, and evaluating KKNI-oriented curricula with an OBE approach. The approach is characterized by its clear focus on measurable learning outcomes directly linked to the job market’s and society’s needs.

The orientation not only introduced the guideline book but also served as a platform for discussion and exchanging experiences among participants. Given the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration in designing relevant and highly competitive curricula, the academy anticipates various ideas and strategies.

Rev. Dr. Paulus Sugeng Widjaja, who serves as the Head of the Doctor of Theology Program, raised a query regarding incorporating OBE at the doctoral level. Dr. Fransisca Endang Lestariningsih responded, “CPL indicators can still be applied, and a tracer study will assess societal impact, supported by specific guidance within each program.” This statement reinforced UKDW’s dedication to ensuring the effective implementation of OBE at the highest educational tier.

With unwavering dedication, UKDW is determined to persist in innovation and transformation to deliver the finest education for students, positioning itself as a significant contributor to producing quality graduates prepared to excel in the current era of globalization. [LPAIP.Aris/Eng.drr]