Department of Architecture

Faculty                : Architecture and Design
Department      : Architecture
Degree                : S.Ars.
Established       : May 2, 1985
Accreditation   : A
Telephone         : +62 274 563929, ext: 504
Fax                       : +62 274 513235
Address              : Agape Building 5th Floor, dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo st. 5-25, Yogyakarta 55224

Distinctive Features

UKDW Architecture Department’s 2016 Curriculum is the improved version of 2008’s curriculum by applying Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia (KKNI) to the competencies given in the Architecture Undergraduate Program. These competencies refer to 13 Architect Competencies by Union Internationale des Architectes – International Union of Architects (UIA) that are also adopted by Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA) and the Indonesian Institute of Architects as Indonesia’s Architect Profession Organization. In this 2016 curriculum, the integration of architect’s competence focuses on a series of studio practice-based subjects, which are Architecture Design Studio and Construction Structure Studio.

Research Topics

  1. Production and Consumtion of Spaces in the Post-disaster Kotagede, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  2. Indonesia Traditional Architecture and its Conservation: Study Case in Kabuyutan Trusmi, Cirebon
  3. Sustainable Village Development Plan for the Victims of Merapi Volcano Eruption in Yogyakarta

Name of Courses

Code Courses
Semester I
MH1013 Christian Education
DA1013 Introduction to Architecture
DA1023 Architectural Drawing 01
DA1034 Structure and Construction 01 *)
DA1044 Basic  Design Studio 01 *)
Semester II
  MKP Humaniora
DA2053 Architectural Design Principles
DA2063 Architectural Drawing 02
DA2073 Computer Aided Design *)
DA2084 Structure and Construction  02 *)
DA2094 Basic Design Studio 02 *)
Semester III
MH1063 Civic Education
DA3103 Architecture History 01
DA3113 Building Material Technology
DA3123 Mechanics Engineering
DA3134 Structure and Construction 03 *)
DA3145 Architectural Design Studio 01 *)
Semester IV
MH1033 Indonesian Language
DA4153 Applied English for Architecture
DA4163 Architecture History 02
DA4182 Integrated Building System
DA4194 Structure and Construction 04 *)
DA4205  Architectural Design Studio 02 *)
Semester V
MH1053 Social Science and Basic Culture
DA5213 Architectural Theory
DA5223 Building Physics 01
DA6263 Urban and Settlement Architecture
DA5234 Structure and Construction 05 *)
DA5245 Architectural Design Studio 03 *)
  Elective Courses
Semester VI
MH6163 Community Development Practicum
DA6253 Building Physics 02
DA7303 City Village
DA6273 Project Management
DA6285 Architectural Design Studio 04 *)
  Elective Courses
Semester VII
DA7293 Architectural Research Methods
DA7313 Profesional Practice
DA7325 Architectural Design Studio 05 *)
DA7604 Thematic Studio
Semester VIII
DA8336 Final project
Thematic Studio Courses
  Urban Design Studio *)
  Appropriate Design *)
  Studio Sustainable Design and Building Science  *)
  Designing Archipelago Architecture
Elective Courses
Code Courses
DA5353 Architecture & Energy
DA5363 Architecture and Behavior
DA5373 Interior Architecture
DA5383 Landscape Architecture
DA5393 Religious architecture**)
DA5403 Real Estate Business
DA5413 Architectural Documentation
DA5423 Film & Space Transformation**)
DA5433 Frugal Architecture
DA5443 Inclusive Design
DA5453 Non-Sexist City
DA5463 Introduction to Hospital Design
DA5473 Architectural Lighting Design
PD4403 Rural Design Studio**)
DA5483 Sensuality in Design **)
DA5493 Visual Communication Engineering**)
DA5503 Architectural Tectonics
DA5513 Accessibility in Architecture
DA5523 Advanced Environmental System
DA5533 Local Technology Study
DA5543 Creativepreneurship
MH2023 Art Appreciation
MH2033 Music Appreciation
MH2043 Human Rights & Democracy
MH2053 Peace Education
MH2063 Ethics
DA7998 Internship