Department of Product Design

Faculty                : Architecture and Design
Department      : Product Design
Degree                : S.Ds.
Established       : May 10, 2005
Accreditation   : B
Telephone         : +62 274 563929, ext: 504
Fax                       : +62 274 513235
Address              : Agape Building 5th Floor, dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo st. 5-25, Yogyakarta 55224

Distinctive Features

The Product Design Department aims to develop graduates who are competent in their profession as product designer in accordance with ADPPI (Aliansi Desainer Produk Industri Indonesia), a profession organization, and also refers to the design principles required by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID). The department equips students with subjects in the field of traditional product design (craftsmanship) and modern industrial product design.

Research Topics

  1. The Making of Fragrant Root Fiber Composite and Sawdust Waste as an Alternative Basic Material for Bicycle Saddles
  2. The Development of Children’s Furniture Design Using Paper Cement Lamination and Spiral Wound Tubing Techniques
  3. The Design of a Biomass-fuel Pyrolysis Fireplace and Stove Based on the Independence and Resilience of Agrarian Society
  4. “Story of Shadow” – Textile Work Inspired by Paper Cut Light Box

Name of Courses

Compulsory Courses for Product Design:  

Sem No Code Courses   Sem No Code Courses
    I 1 MH1013 Christian Education       II 1 MH1033 Indonesian Language
2 MH1063 Civics Education   2 PD2054 Basic Design 2
3 PD1014 Basic Design 1   3 PD2063 Aesthetic 2
4 PD1023 Aesthetic 1   4 PD2074 Technical Drawing 1
5 PD1034 Drawing   5 PD2083 History of Art & Design
6 PD1043 Introduction to Art & Design   6 PD2093 Basic Physics
Sem No Code Courses   Sem No Code Courses
      III   MH1053 Introduction to Society & Culture         IV   PD4166 Product Design 2
  PD3116 Product Design 1     PD4173 Ergonomics in Design 2
  PD3123 Ergonomics in Design 1     PD4183 Material Technology 2
  PD3133 Material Technology 1     PD4193 Presentation Technique 2
  PD3143 Presentation Technique 1     PD4203 Dynamic Form and Kinematic
  PD3153 Structural Statics in Design     PD4213 Management
Sem No Code Courses   Sem No Code Courses
      V   PD5223 Advance English         VI   PD6283 Professional Training
  PD5236 Product Design 3     PD6296 Product Design 4
  PD5243 Applied Art (Craft) 1     PD6303 Applied Art (Craft) 2
  PD5253 Industrial Design  1     PD6313 Industrial Design 2
  PD5263 Eco Design Studies     PD6323 Sociology of Design
  PD5273 Graphic Design 1     PD7363 Digital Photography


Sem No Code Courses   Sem No Code Courses
      VII 1 PD7333 Research Method       VIII 1 PD8388 Final Project
2 MH6163 Community Service  
3 PD7346 Product Design 5    
  4 PD7353 Entrepreneurship  
5 PD7373 Interior Design  


Elective Courses (General):  

Sem Code Courses  
MKP Humaniora MH2042 Ethics  
MH2022 Art Appreciation  
MH2032 Music Appreciation  
MH2012 Human Rights & Democracy  


Elective Courses for Product Design:  

No Code Courses
1 PD5273 Graphic Design
2 PD 7363 Digital Photography
3 TA 5323 Interior Design
4 PD4483 Biomorphic Product
5 DA5563 Creativepreuneurship
6 PD4413 Fashion Design
7 PD4413 Fashion Embellishment
8 PD5392 Enterpreneur Globalindo
9 PD5503 Sensuality in Design
10 PD4403 Rural Design Studio
11 SM3053 Computer Animation
12 AR8552 Lighting Design