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To be a prominent and trusted Biotechnology Faculty to produce professional independent generations in using biological resources for pluralistic society’s well-being based on love.



  1. Organizing research-based education and learning processes to produce graduates that possess:
    – Competency in the area of environmental biotechnology, industrial
     biotechnology, and health biotechnology.
    –  Entrepreneurship.
    –  Sense of caring and responsibility to environmental conservation
    –  Ability to adapt to the dynamics of rapid global change.
  2. Conducting entrepreneurial-based research for the development of science and technology within the area of biology to improve the well-being of a pluralistic society.
  3. Participating in community development through service programs in accordance with the discipline of Biology and with a spirit of entrepreneurship.
  4. Developing an accountable institutional management system supported by information technology and communication.
  5. Expanding academic and professional network that supports the development
    of the study program.


Drs. Kisworo, M.Sc.


Dra. Aniek Prasetyaningsih, M.Si

Vice Dean I – Department of Biology

Ratih Restiani, S.Si., M.Biotech

Vice Dean II

Drs. Djoko Rahardjo, M.Kes

Vice Dean III