Department      : English Language Education
Degree                : S.Pd.
Established       : Agustus 2016
Accreditation   : B
Telephone         : +62 274 563929, ext: 143
Fax                      : +62 274 513235
Address             Euodia Building 1st Floor, dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo st. 5-25, Yogyakarta 55224


To be a prominent and trustworthy Department of English Language Education which prepares professional English language academicians, teachers, researchers, or practitioners to have a global perspective and embrace characters of true educators based on the values of Duta Wacana. 



  1. To conduct contextual English language education and learning based on the values of Duta Wacana.
  2. To conduct English education research that improves the quality of education and teaching.
  3. To conduct community service programs in English Education Studies.
  4. To develop an outstanding and competitive institutional management system for the Department of English Education.
  5. To develop the Department of English Education’s academic community in accordance with the values of Duta Wacana.

Distinctive Features

The Department of English Education uses Instructional Technologies and Intercultural Communicative Approach to teach General English and English for Specific Purposes.

Research Topics

The reaserch foci at the Department of English Education include General English, Teaching English for Specific Purposes, Technology for Language Learning, and Language Acquisition/Language Learning.

Name of Courses

Semester I

No Courses
1 Christian Education
2 Extensive Listening
3 Interactional Speech
4 Extensive Reading
5 Basic Grammar
6 Vocabulary Building

Semester 2

No Courses
1 Civic Education
2 Comprehension of Long Talks
3 Public Speaking
4 Intensive Reading
5 Intermediate Grammar
6 ESP Vocabulary

Semester 3

No Courses
1 Introduction to Education
2 Indonesian Language
3 Reading for Research
4 Essay Writing
5 Introduction to Linguistics
6 Functional Grammar

Semester 4

No Courses
1 Psychology of Learning & Teaching
2 Basic Natural Science
3 Speaking for Academic Purposes
4 Academic Essay Writing
5 Language Learning & Acquistion (+internship I)
6 Curriculum and Material Development
7  Cross Cultural Understanding




 Semester 5

No Courses
1 Educational Profession
2 Language Teaching Methodologies
3 Task and Media Design
4 Applied Linguistic in ELT
5 Discourse Analysis in ELT
6 ESP Program Design
7 Research Methodology in ELT

Semester 6

No Courses
1 Classroom Management (+internship II)
2 Language Testing & Assessment
3 Teaching English for Academic Purposes
4 Technology for language Learning
5 Research Proposal Writing
6 Community Service

Semester 7

No Courses
1 Blended Learning
2 Program Management (and Instruction Analysis)
3 Teaching English for Occupational Purposes
4 Micro Teaching
5 Research Report and Seminar in ELT

Semester 8

No Courses
1 Teaching Practice (+internship III)
2 Thesis


No Elective Courses
1 Web technology for language learning
2 Introduction to Literature
3 Creative Writing
4 Art Appreciation
5 Music Appreciation
6 Peace Education
7 Human Rights and Democracy
8 TOEFL Preparation
9 Statistics for ELT Research
10 Classroom Action Research
11 Case Studies in ELT
12 Corpus study
13 IELTS Preparation
14 TOEIC preparation