Department of Informatics

Faculty                : Information Technology
Department      : Informatics
Degree                : S.Kom
Established       : November 1986
Accreditation   : B
Telephone         : +62 274 563929, ext: 321, 322, 304
Fax                       : +62 274 8509556
Address              : Agape Building 3rd Floor, dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo st. 5-25, Yogyakarta 55224

Website             :

Distictive Features

  1. Implementation of KKNI-Based Curriculum associated with Regional V Computer Science Higher Education Association (APTIKOM).
  2. Student internships at various partner companies.


  • System Progammer
  • Network Service Supervisor
  • Database Administrator
  • Software Engineering
  • User Interface Designer
  • Intelligent System Developer

Research Topics

  1. Yogyakarta Cultural Objects Information Repository (Jogjasiana)
  2. Strategic Planning for Abstract Categorization Selection Support System
  3. The development of Information System  for final thesis at UKDW
  4. Image Processing for Batik and Javanese Script Recognition
  5. Digital Humanity
  6. Computer Security
  7. Internet of Things
  8. Natural Language Processing and Data/Text Mining
  9. Artificial Intelligent
  10. Enterprise System
  11. Semantic Web
  12. Big Data (Including Data Science)

Name of Courses

Code Courses
Semester 1
MH1063 Pancasila and Civil Education
MH1013 Introduction to Christianity
TI0013 Computer Technology
TI0022 Computer Technology Lab Work
TI0033 Mathematics for Engineering
TI0043 Mathematical Logic
TI0052 Computer Network
TI0061 Computer Network Lab Work
Semester 2
TI0073 Algorithms and Programming
TI0082 Algorithms and Programming Lab Work
TI0093 Discrete Mathematics
TI0103 Computer Architecture and Organization
TI0113 Statistics
TI0123 English for Informatics
MH1033 Indonesian Language
Semester 3
TI0133 Data Structures
TI0141 Data Structures Lab Work
TI0153 Router and Switching
TI0161 Router and Switching Lab Work
TI0173 Database Systems
TI0181 Database Systems Lab Work
TI0193 Operation Research
TI0203 Human-Computer Interaction
TI0213 Operating Systems
Semester 4
TI0223 Object Oriented Programming
TI0231 Object Oriented Programming Lab Work
TI0243 Web Programming
TI0251 Web Programming Lab Work
TI0263 Artificial Intelligence
TI0273 Computer Security
TI0283 Interface Design and Evaluation
Elective Courses


Code Courses
Semester 5
TI0295 Software Engineering
TI0303 Professional Ethics in Information Technology
MH1053 Introduction to Social and Culture Studies
Elective Courses
Semester 6
TI0313 Information Technology Project Management
TI0323 Information Technology Research
TI0333 Community Service Program
Elective Courses
Semester 7
TI0343 Seminar
TI0353 Field Work
Elective Courses
Semester 8
TI0366 Undergraduate Thesis