Department of Information System

Faculty                : Information Technology
Department      : Information System
Degree                : S.Kom
Established       : 2005
Accreditation   : B
Telephone         : +62 274 563929, ext: 321, 322, 303
Fax                       : +62 274 513235
Address              : Agape Building 3rd Floor, dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo st. 5-25, Yogyakarta 55224

Distictive Features

  1. Implementation of KKNI-Based Curriculum associated with Regional V Computer Science Higher Education Association (APTIKOM).
  2. Student internships at various partner companies.


  • Enterprise Information System
  • Health and Medical Record Information System

Research Topics

  1. Desktop, web as well as mobile-based Information System development.
  2. Analysis and improvement of business process at an organization.
  3. Data Mining and Big Data.

Name of Courses

Code Courses
Semester 1
MH1013 Christian Education
SI1313 Programming Fundamentals
SI1323 Fundamentals of Management and Organization
SI1333 Multimedia Data Processing
SI1343 Information System Concept
SI1353 Introduction of Information System
Semester 2
MH1063 Civil Education
MH2013 Human and Information Technology
SI1413 Statistics
SI1423 Algorithm and Data Structure
SI1433 Information System Analysis and Design
SI1443 Database System
SI1453 Business Process Analysis
Semester 3
SI2313 Mathematics of Information System
SI2323 Database Design
SI2333 Business Process Management
SI2343 Information System Management
SI2353 Business Data Analysis
SI2363 Desktop Application Development
SI2373 Interpersonal Communication




Semester 4
SI2413 Software Engineering
SI2423 Information Technology Management & Governance
SI2433 Computer Network
SI2443 Applied English
SI2453 Human Computer Interaction
SI2463 Web Application Development
SE2413 Accounting Information System
SK2413 Introduction to Healthcare System
Semester 5
SI3313 Information Technology Management & Governance
SI3323 Project Management
SI3333 Mobile Programming
SI3343 Information Technology Security
SI3353 Information Technology Risk Management
SE3313 e-Commerce
SK3313 Health Service Governance
  Elective Courses
Semester 6
MH3013 Indonesian Language
SI3413 Information Technology Based Entrepreneur
SI3423 Applied Integrated Programming
SI3433 Data Warehouse
SI3443 Service Learning
SE3413 Decision Support System
SK3423 Hospital Information System
  Elective Courses
Semester 7
SI4313 Practical Work
SI4323 Supply Chain Management
SE4323 Data Mining
SK4313 Health Service Intelligent System
  Elective Courses
Semester 8
SI4413 Professional Ethics
SI4426 Thesis
Elective Courses SI Enterprise
Code Courses SKS
SE2413 Accounting Information System 3
SE3413 E-Commerce 3
SE4313 Decision Support System 3
SE4323 Data Mining 3
Elective Courses
Code Courses SKS
SP5313 Web Content Management 3
SP5323 Web Service Programming 3
SP5333 Integrated Database 3
SP5343 Casual Game Programming 3
SP5353 Information System Audit 3
SP5363 E-Government 3
SP5373 Object Oriented Programming 3
PB5053 English for International Communication 3
MH5013 Human Rights and Democracy Studies 3
MH5023 Art Appreciation 3