• Address : Agape Building 3rd Floor, dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo st. 5-25, Yogyakarta 55224
  • Telp : +62-274-563929 ext 351
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To be an ecumenical, evangelical, and contextual theological education institution in preparing theologians with integrity to meet the needs and challenges of the church and pluralistic society.


  1. To conduct contextual theological education at the levels of undergraduate to postgraduate.
  2. To conduct in depth studies and researches on Scriptures and the contexts of the church and society, both in the past and current time .
  3. To contribute the findings of the studies and researches on contextual theology to the service of empowerment and development of the church and society.


Pdt. Robert Setio, Ph.D


Pdt. Wahju Satria Wibowo, M.Hum., Ph.D

Vice Dean I

Pdt. Dr. Asnath Niwa Natar, M.Th.

Vice Dean II

Dr. Wahyu Nugroho, MA

Vice Dean III

Pdt. Hendri Wijayatsih, M.A

Head of Undergraduate Program – Department of Theology

Pdt. Dr. Djoko Prasetyo Adi Wibowo

Head of Postgraduate Program – Master of Theology &  Master of Conflict and Peace Studies

Pdt. Yahya Wijaya, Ph.D

Head of Postgraduate Program – Doctor of Theology