Department of Theology

Faculty                : Theology
Department      : Divinity Studies
Degree                : S.Fil.
Established        : May 2, 1985
Accreditation    : A
Telephone          : +62 274 563929, ext: 351
Fax                       : +62 274 513235
Address              : Agape Building 3rd Floor, dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo st. 5-25, Yogyakarta 55224

Distinctive Features

  1. Weekly mentorship in which 15-20 students meet with a lecturer who serves as their academic advisor and spiritual mentor throughout the period while they are studying at Duta Wacana.
  2. Contextual theological education at Duta Wacana is holistic and based on three pillars, namely, spiritual formation, ministerial formation, and academic formation. Students live together in dormitory in order to form their spirituality through daily structured activities such as communal prayer, worship, fellowship, leadership training, etc., annual retreat and recollection, choir and music practices (spiritual formation). Students also take part in various ministries of the churches from many denominations (ministerial formation). Students take obligatory courses and allowed to choose various elective courses according to their interest and passions, all taught by qualified lecturers. They also participate in researches conducted by the lecturers, as well as in interfaith dialogues and activities in society (academic formation).
  3. Besides academic courses, students also take various courses that are specifically designed to equip them with necessary knowledge and skills for their intended future careers as pastors, educators or social worker.
  4. Students organize their own academic journal, Wacana Teologi, to publish their writings.
  5. Students may integrate their own theses or final projects with the research of the lectures in which they participate.


  • Social Worker Program
  • Christian Education Program
  • Pastoral Program

Name of Courses

I. Compulsory Courses (General)
MH1013 Indonesian Language
MH1023 Basic Natural Science
FI1033 Education of Religion
FI1043 Basic Education Citizenship
II. Compulsory Courses for Divinity Studies
FK2014 Biblical Worldview
FK2023 Basic Hebrew
FK2033 Basic Greek
FK2043 Hermeneutics
FK2053 Old Testament Hermeneutics
FK2063 New Testament Hermeneutics
FK2073 Theological Themes of Old Testament 
FK2083 New Testament Theology 
FK2093 Introduction to Divinity Studies
FK2103 Western Philosophy
FK2113 Eastern Philosophy
FK2123 Social Theology Philosophy
FK2133 Philosophy of God
FK2143 Christology
FK2153 Spirituality
FK2163 Ecclesiology
FK2173 Missiology
FK2183 Contextual Theology
FK2193 Feminist Theology
FK2203 Practical Theology
FK2213 Pastoral Counseling
FK2223 Theology of Religions
FK2233 Religions and Indigenous Beliefs in Indonesia
FK2243 Anthropology of Indonesian Culture
FK2253 Character of Islam in Indonesia
FK2262 Basic Homiletics
FK2272 Homiletics (Practice)
FK2283 Christian Worship
FK2293 History of Christianity 1
FK2303 History of Christianity 2
FK2313 Introduction to Ethics
FK2323 Professional Ethics
FK2333 Christian Education
FK2343 Christian Education for Age Categorical
FK2353 Conflict Mediation
FK2362 Internship 1
FK2372 Internship 2
FK2383 Research Methods
FK2392 Thesis Proposal
FK2406 Thesis
FK2412 English Theology
FK2422 Active Reading
FK2432 Integrated Reading
FK2442 Introduction to English for Theology





III. Elective Courses
FK3012 Hebrew (Advanced)
FK3022 Greek (Advanced)
FK3032 Book of Ezekiel Hermeneutics 
FK3042 Interpretation of New Testament
FK3052 Judaism
FK3062 Contemporary Philosophy and Theology
FK3072 Postmodern Philosophy
FK3082 Spirituality and Sexuality
FK3092 Pneumatology
FK3102 Trinitarian Theology
FK3112 Theology of Paul
FK3122 Teologi Ekologi
FK3132 Christian Leadership Ethics
FK3142 Theology of Work and Entrepreneurship
FK3152 Woman and Media Violence
FK3162 Pentecostal and Charismatic Theology
FK3172 Dialogue in Action
FK3182 Christianity in Al-Quran
FK3192 Forgiveness and Reconciliation
FK3202 Theology of Disability
FK3212 LGBT Counselling
FK3222 Crisis Counselling
FK3232 Art and Peace
FK3242 History of Christian Education
FK3252 Christian Education and Spirituality
FK3262 Christian Education Curriculum and Instruction
FK3272 Christian Education in the School
FK3282 Curriculum Writing of Christian Education
FK3292 Javanese Language for Theology
FK3302 Javanese Ethics
FK3312 History of Mission