Doctor of Theology

Faculty    : Theology
Degree    : Dr. Theol.
Accreditation   :
National Board of Accreditation – Higher  Education: Top Rank (A)
Association for Theological Education in South East Asia: Fully Accredited  (download)
Telephone      : +62274563929, ext: 460
Fax                       : +62274513235
Address              : Jalan dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo 5-25, Yogyakarta 55224

Programme of Doctor of Theology

The emphasis of the doctoral study in Duta Wacana’s Faculty of Theology is in contextual theology, paying serious attention to the traditional as well as contemporary cultural, religious, spiritual, political, and economic resources of Asia.

The Programme of Doctor of Theology  is a research-based study programme provided for those who have a high passion for research.  Applicants can choose to take part in research clusters in the Faculty of Theology or propose their own research projects. For this reason, applicants are asked to submit papers containing “research objectives” that will be considered in the admission selection. Since research experience is a factor that is taken into account, applicants are also asked to send the results of their research work in the form of a Master’s thesis or a scientific article that has been published in a reputable academic journal.

As researchers, doctoral students are conditioned to do more independent and structured studies with supervisors as research partners. As a research team, doctoral students and supervisors must produce new findings that contribute to the development of contextual theology. Having a passion to research and discover new concepts / ideas / theories / methods must be the spirit of doctoral students from the admission stage to graduation.

Full-time Supervisors

How to Apply

Application is open the whole year.  Outcome of selection will be made in June (Batch 1) and August (Batch 2).
Please fill in the electronic application form here.


  • Non-refundable Application fee IDR 500,000 (Domestic applicants should send the application fee to BNI Account No. 0039228954. International applicants can make the payment at registration)
  • One-time Facility Development Fee IDR 8,000,000
  • Tuition Fee (per semester) IDR 14,000,000
  • Integrated Service and Health care Fees (per semester) IDR 330,000
  • Dissertation and Graduation Fees IDR 5,250,000

How to Apply

The Academic Handbook 2022 for the The Doctor of Theology Programme at UKDW may be found here.