Master of Theology

Faculty                : Theology
Department      : Master of Divinity Studies
Degree                : M.Fil.
Established        : October 30, 1992
Accreditation    : A
Telephone          : +62 274 563929, ext: 460
Fax                       : +62 274 513235
Address              : Agape Building 4th Floor, dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo st. 5-25, Yogyakarta 55224

Distictive Features

  1. Theological Study at Master’s level that explores and discusses various theological discourses within the framework of dialogue with the context of Indonesian society. Students can design their own concentration based on a range of courses, which are mostly electives.
  2. Master of Divinity Concentration consists of students who hold various non-theology degrees and want to pursue career as pastor. They will take one year matriculation before the program.


  • Master of Theology
  • Master of Divinity

Name of Courses

Compulsory Courses for Divinity Studies Code
Cross-Disciplinary Method of Research in Theology TP 1303
Philosophy of Science TP 1223
Theology, Spirituality, and Art TP 3143
Theological English TP 0120


Elective Courses
Trinitarian Monotheism TP3153 Indonesian Social Ethics TP1233
Theology of Religions TP4313 Transformative Christian Education TP4293
Theology and Modern Science TP4153 Themes of Old Testament Theology TP4243
Bussiness, Economy, and Theology TP4113 Theology in The Indonesian Context TP1293
Violence, Peace, and The Christian Faith TP4143 Asian Contextual Theology   TP4283
Themes of New Testament Theology TP4323 Ecumenical Theology TP4343
Old Testament Contextual Hermeneutics TP1143 Theology and Political Ethics TP4263
Church Development TP4163 Theology and Popular Culture TP4273
Feminist Theology TP4123 Theology of Intercultural Mission TP4423
Christian Education in Faith Community TP1163 Cross Religion Pastoral TP4413