Greetings from UKDW,

It is with great pride and joy that Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW) is able to cement its credibility as one of the best private universities in Indonesia which achieved “A” accreditation by BAN-PT in 2017. This achievement aligns with UKDW’s vision “to be an excellent and trustworthy Christian university to deliver independent professional generations for the pluralistic communities based on love”. UKDW serves as the host of a community of learners who envisions the realization of a whole person education. Here, civitas academica of UKDW does not only seek knowledge but also hones life skills. In this ever-changing world, it is simply not enough for students to only excel academically as there are demands for emotional and spiritual intelligence as well.

The learning process is designed for the purpose of instilling Duta Wacana core values that are integrated and upheld together: obedience to God, walking in integrity, striving for excellence, and service to the world. These four fundamental values are not only relevant while studying at UKDW but also applicable as a guide to living a life once the students work according to their professions.

Being established as a Seminary of Theology in 1962, UKDW has sown its vision of education and nurture it to this very day. As a higher education institution, UKDW has actively and positively contributed to the Indonesian education sector for more than 56 years as we partake in solving the country’s matters with the intention of improving Indonesia’s welfare, unity, and peace.

This website will further introduce our academic programs and supporting facilities as well as the culturally diverse environment which values each individual’s ethnic group, religion, and race. As a learner community, we strive to learn and develop knowledge and technology, know ourselves better, value the diversity and collaborate with other people in preparing for a better future.

We are proud to be DUTA WACANAthe messenger of the word of God. SORBUM!

Ir. Henry Feriadi, M.Sc., Ph.D.