To be a distinctive and trustwothy Christian university that delivers a new breed of professionals for the pliralistic world based on love.


  1. Implementing education and contextual teaching based on Duta Wacana Christian value.
  2. Conducting studies in favor of humanity.
  3. Conducting participatory community development programs.
  4. Developing a distinctive and competitive institusion.
  5. Developing an academic community who embodies Duta Wacana values.



Mission Goals/Objectives
1. To carry out a contextual education and learning based on the principles of Duta Wacana Christian University. 1. To develop a curriculum that meets the quality standards of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

2. To develop a learning climate that exercises reasoning and sensitivity to a rapidly changing environment

3. To develop graduates who are able to answer the needs of Indonesian society professionally and independently.

 2. To conduct researches based on humanitarian preferences.  4. To improve researches for the development of science and the learning quality
 3. To conduct participatory community services  5. To improve the participation of Duta Wacana’s academic society in community services

4. To build an excellent and competitive institution.

 6. To develop the capacity of leaders with integrity, vision, the ability to harmonize, empower and becoming role models.

7. To develop an accountable institutional management system supported by the information and communication technology.

8. To develop a sustainable institutional quality assurance system.

9. To expand networks that support the autonomy of the University.

 5. To develop an academic society living the principles of Duta Wacana Christian University.  10. To embed the characteristics of Duta Wacana’ principles as the organization’s culture and identity.