We are proud to become one of the University partner of START by @tokopedia.
Don’t miss this event.

Best known as the home of technology breakthroughs and innovations, Tokopedia is thrilled to introduce START, our very first technology summit in 2020. START is a one-day technology summit that boasts Tokopedia’s technology innovations for the past decade.

Scalability, Data Science, and Core Engineering – these are only a glimpse of the wide range of topics from Tokopedia’s technology breakthrough and innovations that you will see at START. You will finally get a chance to learn from our tech leaders here at Tokopedia on the best tech-recipes that have successfully brought us to the top of the game.

For Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana students, get special discount using this code: UKDWSTART

Find more details on the event and registration here: https://start-summit.com

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