Unit Pengembangan Institusi (UPI)

About Us

  • Name                  :  Unit Pengembangan Institusi (UPI)

                                      / Institutional Advancement and Development Office (IADO)

  • Established         : 1 November 2019

  • Legal Doc. No.    : 163/B.02/UKDW/2019

Our Services

  • Collaborate with all Faculties and Units in UKDW to enhance the engagement of alumni, colleagues, and diverse stakeholders through activities which intended for fund raising.
  • Manage the trust of current and future worldwide philanthropists / funders for strengthening their contribution in developing UKDW by maintaining the relationship based in integrity.
  • Create new form of programs and activities to build awareness upon Inclusiveness and Sustainability as the spirit of Advancement and Development in UKDW.
  • Develop intelligent Information System to ease worldwide stakeholders in accessing our services.
  • Provide assistance for worldwide Company’s CSR Division, NGO, philanthropist, and foundation in achieving their mission through DWCU as their beneficiaries.

Office Management

Bernadetta Rosaline Maria, S.Pd.,MM

Executive Manager Education  S2 : Master of Human Resource Management, Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana S1 : Bachelor of English Education Study Program, Universitas Sanata Dharma Experiences I'm experienced in handling corporate affairs, maintaining public relations,...

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